How to make Easy Aluminum-free Thieves Deodorant

So, it’s been at least 2 weeks since I made this deodorant and yes! I can actually say that IT WORKS! Yay! This Thieves Deodorant is amaaazing!!! I am really excited about it.

Let me start with explaining why I have used nothing but Tom’s of Maine all natural deodorant for at least a decade now. I use it because it is ALUMINUM FREE! The sad, sad truth is that almost all deodorant contains aluminum as well as many other chemicals, but aluminum has actually been proven to cause cancer! So why do we still use it? Oh God, don’t get me started… Profits, people! It is devastating, but if you didn’t know, now you know. And now you can do something about it. It’s especially important to use aluminum-free deodorant because the armpits are sensitive areas of your body which contain many lymph nodes and are close to lymph nodes, which are especially sensitive to toxins.

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What I wish I’d done when I was pregnant

First, Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Galentine’s , if you will. Either way, I make a pointed point of NOT celebrating this heartbreaking holiday anymore, although I will accept flowers from my sweetheart, all three years of him and counting! Thank you Christian <3

Tonight, I had a flashback. A flashback of a summer of Dunkin Donuts Caramel Iced Latte Addiction and sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot stuffing myself because I was devastated, even though I hadn’t eaten McDonald’s in decades… Yes, this was the summer I was PREGNANT!

Ok, not to say I wasn’t the extreme. Not to say I wasn’t completely out-of-my-mind unhinged. Not to say this is or was you. But before I got pregnant, I have to vouch for myself. I was normal! I didn’t drink or smoke, I juiced for health, I exercised. Although it was unexpected, I was ready for my pregnancy. I was seriously so happy and excited about it! Continue reading “What I wish I’d done when I was pregnant”

Making Easy Organic Luxurious Body Wash

Taking a shower every single day gets one thinking, should I maybe NOT be putting a bunch of ingredients I know nothing about on my skin and head day in and day out? So instead of worrying, I actually decided to do something about it, finally!

I wanted to use Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Soap,  but I knew I had to mix it with something because that stuff alone will Dry You Out! So when I finally wandered across Lavender Scented Dr. Bronner’s in Marshall’s (Natural food stores, I ain’t got time (or money) for dat!), all I had to do was find a recipe for “luxurious” body wash and it would be easy-peasy… Turns out, it was! Continue reading “Making Easy Organic Luxurious Body Wash”

Hello world!

Hello! So happy you found me! This is my blog about being a MOM to my incredible 3-year-old, Christian! We’re warm and cozy here with our dog, French Fry, on a cold windy day in January, and I am finally figure this website stuff out while Christian keeps me company ripping up books and tissue boxes on the floor. Ok, so already not the best example of a good mom, but I never made any promises!

So yeah, I made this blog as a MOMMY blog first and foremost. A day in the Life of a mom can mean so many things for so many moms. Lately for me, it has been staying in my pajamas and eating like a monster in an ice cream factory til 2, then taking a shower, getting dressed, and drinking like 4 cups of coffee just so I can stay at home and play more games, make more food, and clean up more messes until it’s time to get back in my PJs by 6 or 7! It’s so crazy. Continue reading “Hello world!”